Sunday, August 27, 2017

Butterick 3790

It was a gorgeous day it the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Here I am just trying to blend in. This dress was so easy and no fitting involved.

I had a vintage slip that I dyed. I thought it would turn out lime green because green plus yellow equals lime, right? Well, no it turned dark green, but I ended up liking the darker color under the lace dress.

McCall's 7060

 This dress came about because a had admired a dress similar in the Talbot's catalog, but it was too expensive, well that dress went on sale and this was already cut out. You can never have too many blue sailor dresses!

 If you want a simple shirtwaist dress, this is the pattern for you, no zippers, no plackets, no collar stands.
This is the third dress I've made that has been short waisted. Normally I like that, but not so much lately.

 I had some sailor motif patches hanging around forever and decided they weren't getting any better in the stash, so slapped those puppy's on.

McCall's 7317

 Hi! It is rainy and dreary here, but nothing like poor Texas. We were stranded in Houston for the tax day flood and we were fine, but it spoiled a beautiful city. Here is the dress of the day. There are a few things that keep it from being perfect. One, that it is too short on the side, I knew that would probably be a problem, but there was a fabric shortage. The other is it is short waisted in the front and too long in the back.

 I guess I'll jut have to stand sideways...looks a lot better from this view.

Why is it that your legs don't tan (or get red in my case)?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

McCall's 7081

My photographer should have told me to lift up the chin...oh well. I do love this dress and it is very easy to wear and I got a few compliments (from a jogger and a biker).

This is a fabric hog, about four and a half yards. Luckily, SR Harris has a discount area on their cotton fabrics, this was four dollars a yard. It was a panel fabric, and I didn't want the print running straight up and down so I choose McCall's 7081.

The pattern is the standard sizing for McCall's, so I did my normal adjustments and everything fits nicely.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

McCall's 6558

Here we are at a vintage car show at Lake Minnetonka, it was the perfect day and venue for such an event.

Although there are many patterns for this style of dress, I went to one in the pattern file from 2012.
This was super simple to sew and the only thing is that I could have made the bodice longer.
But no problem, like it shorter.

JoAnn had this denim on sale for 50% so I had to get it since I was lusting over it for so long.
This summer has been really good for sewing (unlike last year). I have really liked almost everything that I've made, and I've had good luck when purchasing ready made clothing as well. Yeah!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Simplicity 7472

This was one of the dresses that for some odd reason got cut out in sewn in two days. I saw a pattern very similar to this in one of my Burdastyle Magazines, but tracing those out are not fun so when I saw this on Etsy, I pressed the purchase button. It was from Australia and their patterns are printed on a nice white tissue, not the tan that we use.

This was very easy to sew and fit. I added interfacing to the front neckline and that's about it.
The neckline is really deep, the instructions say to add a hook and eye, but that just seems strange.
I used a pin and I love Soma Cami Bras (they haven't been selling them the last few times I looked...Yikes).

The back is very plain, sorry didn't feel like taking a picture today of that view!

Pattern copyright 1976.

McCall's 6069

With these last two dresses, I did something I normally don't do, I bought the patterns online, found fabric in the stash, cut them out then sewed the next day! Normally everything has to sit and wait in line.

This pattern has a copyright of 2010 and I saw it made up online and it looked really cute. The main caution with this dress was to make sure to use the back band, because otherwise you would be pulling up the shoulders constantly. I do have a wide back, so not as much a problem.

In Minnesota the lilies are so beautiful this year.

The pattern says it's a one hour dress, does it take me longer because I press everything? Can you sew things in the time they say? Just wondering...

Friday, July 14, 2017

Vogue 9107

Another hot pink dress, I'm on a roll. Love this dress, and got lots of compliments when I wore it out and about. I cut the size 16, and normally that size fits really well for the top. This pattern has arm holes almost down to the bottom of your bra...not a good look.

I had finished this dress without a fitting, because how could there be a problem? So, after the fact, I added an armhole dart on the side without the diagonal seam and took in the side seam on the other side.

It's still a little low, but it works.

Maybe short sleeves would work on the next version.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Butterick 5782

Just one photo today of Butterick 5782. Love the fabric and the bow. Don't love the length of the dress (didn't have quite enough fabric to make it longer). I also had to make some tucks in the front, because it was too baggy at the waist. This style gets tricky to fit if you are pear-shaped or hourglass figured. It's wearable and comfortable, just not a favorite.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Vogue 8895

Here is another pattern that I ended up really loving. I had wanted to use the version with the sleeves, but not enough fabric. And sleeveless is more practical anyway, because you can wear a sweater or jacket in the fall.

If I were to make this again I would cut about one half inch off the waistband even though I am long waisted.

The fabric is from S.R. Harris (Burnsville). It was from the remnant table, great price, but you have to buy the whole piece.

Vogue 9240

I love this Vogue pattern that features pattern mixing, but this style dress does not really love me back. I'll try to wear it again soon, because it does fit, but it needs something and I just don't know yet what that is. But if this is your style dress, be sure to buy the pattern!

Butterick 6318

I was going to wear this today, but the sleeves were too tight so I couldn't zip it up without my dresser (husband) who was out running errands. This would be a great dress for church, weddings or anything where you can just sit and look pretty. This was made from a sheet and before I bought it I unzipped the package and it felt so nice...but got it home and it was thin and polyestery. Uck. So, I thought I'd at least sew my first muslin in my life. I did learn a few things, make the sleeves wider, make the sash longer, the neck a little lower and I lined the bocice.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Simplicity 7649

Do you ever contemplate how lucky we are that we know how to sew? How often can we go into the store and find something that fits good, is nicely priced and matches your style? Plus, it's such a good creative outlet and we get to show it off too!

Another older pattern (1997). This pattern is good because it offers a lot of places for easy adjustments. I made the back wider and shortened the straps, pretty much par for the course.

How often do I share back views? You could use a different fabric for the front bodice and back straps, like a lace, how cute would that be?

The braid is sewn to the dress, I have quite a few lengths of braid, so might as well use it. The next dress in the works is pink and has braid too! Hate to change the thread...lazy!

Good pattern, might be worth a small investment if you find it online.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Simplicity 6882

Another "vintage" pattern, circa 1975. I did change it up a bit. The front bodice originally had a
V-shape, just straightened that out and used a straight gathered skirt. I didn't want the cats cut in half or standing on their heads.

I'm wearing a cat print dress and how old? Couldn't resist it's so cute, black cats trying to get at the goldfish. The fabric was purchased online, maybe can't remember, sorry!

Butterick 6587

This was a dress that I cut out last year after making all the wadders. I wanted something easy that would fit.

It was easy and it did fit, although the sleeves are folding up because I had my sweater on. 

The fabric was from the 70's, purchased at Minnesota Fabrics (later Hancock). Back in those days I couldn't afford to buy whatever fabric that captured my fancy and this was a splurge for me. It was probably the first to go in the stash since it was too special to sew. Funny how you remember things.